Reading Counts

What is Reading Counts?

Scholastic Reading Counts! is a reading program that encourages independent reading.  Students are encouraged to read books and then take quizzes on the computers at school. The students earn points that count toward achieving Reward levels for prizes.


How can my child find a book that qualifies as a Reading Counts book?

In the Moye library and most classrooms, Reading Counts books are marked with colored dot stickers on the spine of the book.  These dots indicate a Reading Counts quiz is available and the approximate grade level of the book.

 Red Dot = 1st  Blue Dot = 2nd  Green Dot = 3rd  Orange Dot = 4th  Pink Dot = 5th  Turquoise Dot = Above 5th

Inside the front cover of the Reading Counts book is a sticker with the Reading Counts information, such as the title, author, RC points, grade level and lexile level. There are over 40,000 quizzes available! Not all of these books are in the Moye library, but we do have a large selection.

If your child is reading a book that is not from Moye, you can check the Reading Counts Book List to see if a quiz is available.


How does a student earn points?

After the student has read the book, a quiz is taken on the school’s computer system as class time allows. Each test is pass/fail so the student must answer 7 out of 10 questions correctly to earn the points for reading that book.


How does a student earn prizes?

At the end of each month, points are tallied for each student. If a student has earned enough points to reach a RC level, the prize is sent to the student in the classroom.


Reading Counts Reward Levels
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Blue 5 15 30 40 40
Bronze 10 30 60 75 75
Silver 20 70 120 140 140
Gold 70 120 175 200 200


How can I help my child with Reading Counts?

  • Remind your child to look for the books with the RC dots in the library and classrooms.
  • Help your child check the Reading Counts Book List to see if a book from another library or from home has a quiz available.

  • Encourage your child to take the quiz and reach new RC Reward levels.



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